Personal space has become such a rare thing in our lives. Now more than ever, the spaces we live in should be exactly that, personal. Simply, a home should provide us with all of the daily function we need, but, a home is really so much more than that.  It is the place where we share life with our families and friends and should reflect what is truly important to us. I want you to love being in your home. Most of us live in homes that were not designed specifically for us, but that appeal to us for one reason or another. With a great respect for the architecture of a space, I believe that there are no rules when it comes to how we use and decorate that space. Whether your home is grand or petite; urban, suburban or rural; a temporary landing spot or your forever place, I believe that it should feel like it is perfectly and comfortably you.

Jennaea Gearhart Design is a boutique design consulting studio based in Minneapolis, MN with local, national and international clients.